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The City Of Leeds Diving Club Committee consists of the following members:


Ordinary members (with duties):-

  • Chaperoning/Parent liaison :

Ordinary Members:

  • Tanya Wade,
  • Fiona Croft

Executive members:-

Jo runs her own business, Mini Maestros and teaches piano and singing lessons whilst juggling three children’s hectic schedules.  Jo is relatively new to the club with her daughter Bethan starting her diving career in TID during the summer of 2012, she has recently moved to National Age Group.  

Jo’s role within the committee is liaison for any new parents starting at the club.  

Fun facts:

What was your favourite TV show growing up – Rentaghost

What was your favourite toy – Barbie Doll

Name anything left on your bucket List –

Sky diving

Travel and see the world

If you could have one superpower what would it be – to be in two places at once!!


Helen is a Community Nurse working with the Elderly in Leeds.  She has been involved/helped with the club since her eldest son Thomas started in E squad in 2004.  

Helen’s current role within the committee is Treasurer and her son Matty is in the Junior Elite Squad 

Fun facts:

What was your favourite TV show growing up – Nancy Drew mysteries

What was your favourite toy – Pippa dolls

Name three things left on your bucket List –

scuba diving

explore west coast and Islands of Scotland

to retire!!

If you could have one superpower what would it be – flying!!


   Mandi is a freelance graphic designer and also helps to run Her interests are motorbikes, she currently runs a BMW 650, Swimming, Mandi enjoy doing the Great North Swim in Windermere each year, and outdoors, walking their cocker spaniel Joe.

Mandi joined the club in September 2006 when Lois had just turned 7yrs.  Mandi says “Our first trip away was to Edinburgh in 2008 and I first chaperoned in Southampton 2009 which lead to me later joining the committee and becoming chaperone team leader following many trips away.Lois is now in National Squad and Junior GB.

What was your favourite TV show when growing up? Mork and Mindy.

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Tiny Tears (who I gave a pink mohican)

What's the strangest talent you have? Dog whisperer.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

  • Tour Europe /America on my motorbike.
  • Hike to Machu Picchu Peru.
  • Fly a plane. 

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose? To fly.


Tracey Nicholls is the mum of Chris Nicholls who has been a member of the club for over 9 years.

What was your favourite TV show when growing up? Original Grange Hill with Tucker Jenkins and Trisha Yates.

What was your favourte toy? Cindy Doll

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

  • Travel to Australia.
  • Skydive.
  • Would like to run a children’s nursery – although she nearly does that now! 

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose? To be able to say ‘no, sorry I can’t’.


Donna Fletcher is the mum of Leah who  is in NAG.  Donna has been a part of the City of Leeds Diving Club for 3 years now and joined the committee as one of the fundraisers in 2012.  Like many parents, most of her spare time is spent at the pool and looking after her little boy, but when she does get some mummy time, she tries to get out for a quick run and on the days when Leah is off they try and fit in some family time doing various outdoor activities.  

Donna says:

My favourite toy as a kid had to be my blue raleigh bike.  I used to ride around the street with my neighbour and we used to pretend to be Cagney and Lacey (for those of you too young to remember, it was an American TV Series about two female police officers!) I was Cagney as she had blonde hair and was the better looking one!!! ha! ha!

Three things still to do on Donna’s  bucket list include:

  • Dive off 10mtr platform in SPLAT 2022!
  • Race against my husband in a Formula 1 racing car (and beat him!)
  • Take the family to New Zealand.


I have two daughters who dive for the club, 16 year old Lydia in the National Squad and 10 year old Esme in NAG. Lydia started diving in 2007, Esme in 2009 and I have held the role of President since 2008. My son Pablo was also a diver at the club for 2 years. You will probably see me at the club most days but at the moment I tend to do the late shift with Esme. I have also tried my own hand at diving becoming the first person to dive off 10m at Splat 2013, not that it did me any good I was still knocked out in the second round!

Unfortunately I am a Leeds United fan but also have many other interests. I am a keen genealogist and advanced scuba diver but my main passion is travel. So far I have been to 35 countries and travelling forms the majority of my bucket list including diving with Great White Sharks and trekking to Macchu Picchu in Peru

JO PEACE - Secretary

Jo Peace has been part of the City of Leeds diving club for 3 1/2 years and this is the 3rd year she has been on the committee. In 2012 and 2013 Jo was fund-raiser for the club and then in 2014she has been elected as Hon. Secretary.

Jo’s daughter is Albany Thompson  who is currently in the Super E-Squad which means Jo is usually at the pool Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if you want to see her.


Fun facts:

What is your best talent – I can do the splits (which many club members have witnessed!!)

What was your favourite toy – Definitely a football (a tomboy at heart) and ghetto blaster


 In 2013 I became a full time employee for the council and now hold a big part within the City of Leeds Diving club training scheme, as well as coaching some new up and coming Junior Elite Athletes. 2013 also saw me make my World Championships debut as the Jamaican national coach in Barcelona coaching Leeds diver Yona Knight Wisdom. In 2015 I became Head Coach!

Greatest Coaching Achievment?
Coaching Louise Doodson to a Final in the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Favourite TV Show growing up?
Keenan and Kel

Whats was my favourite toy as a kid?

Three things on bucket list?
1. Coach at the Olympic Games
2. Do a season backcountry skiing in Japan
3. Reach 5000 records in my collection

My Superpower?
I have so many!

LOUISE HARDING - Child Welfare

I’ve been part of the COLD for 4 years, since moving my son Anthony, from Oldham diving club, to join the team.  I am a senior teacher in a secondary school in the North West.  I have been the welfare rep for a few years now and my job role is to assist in the raising of awareness of child protection, to be the first point of contact in the Club for the reporting of Child Welfare and Protection concerns and also to uphold confidentiality, as far as is practically possible, in all child protection matters.

Fun facts:

What was your favourite TV show when growing up?  Noel Edmonds House Party

What was your favourite toy?  Lego

What are three things still left on your bucket list?  To learn Italian, to see the Grand Canyon and to have cooking lessons

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?  Time travel, so I can miss out the M62.


                        My name is Maria Read and I am                         currently the Honorary President of                         the City of Leeds Diving Club.  I                         have been involved in the diving                         world since my daughter, Amy got                         picked through the TID program                         nearly seven years ago.   A lot of you will already know me in my role of kit lady and this is something I will continue to do.

In my life away from diving I am a local primary school teacher mainly working with the youngest children in school.  I love my job and the challenges it often presents.  Nothing quite compares to that Eureka moment when a child achieves something you have helped them with, however small or great that achievement.  My hobbies include cooking, reading, walking and playing for far too long on silly computer games!  

Due to the fact that I live locally and Amy dives six days a week I am often on the balcony, Monday being the only day you generally won’t see me.  My main aim in my role at the club this year is to make sure I am known by as many parents and divers as possible and that everyone feels they can come and raise any concerns, problems or just ask questions whenever they need to.  

TIM LEE - Media










 Divers Rep

You can  contact me through my  email address diversrep@leedsdiving.com or through the City of Leeds Diving Club Facebook page or see me at the pool.